Who we are?

The major difference between Muslim and a Non-Muslim is religion. The better a Muslim knows Islam, the better the Muslim is. The best source to gain knowledge of Islam is through “Quran” and Hadees. Every Muslim is obliged to learn Quran and to follow the path of Islam in his life. This is the only way for a Muslim to live a better life here and have a better life hereafter.

We “Quran Qaris” are an online Quran teaching school having a diverse collection of world’s finest tutors “Qaris”. We teach quran to kids, adults, males and females with proper pronunciation (Tajweed) and Emission (Makharij). We offer a long courses of “Nazra-e-Quran (Reciting Holy Quran verbally)” and different short courses. We provide different short free courses like memorization of last 10 Surahs, memorization of 6 Kalimas, memorization of Masnoon Duas and many other similar courses with our long course. We provide 24 hours online services with adjustable timings for student’s convenience. Enroll yourself or your kids in our introductory program and get first three free trial classes without paying any fee.

24/7 Flexible Schedule

You can choose your classes schedule with your own convenience. The classes days and timings comes under your own choice.

One-on-One Classes

We always assign dedicated tutor for each student with a dedicated session for each class.

Any Where, Any Device, Any Age

We provide classes through online sessions. All you need is a device connected with internet. Class can be taken from any peaceful place. There is no age limit for learning, doesn't matter how old you are.

Why Choose Us

Free Trial classes

We offer first 3 trail classes for students to evaluate our teaching process, so that they can make their decisions easily.

Dedicated Tutors

We provide dedicated teachers for each session, so that we can save student’s time in today’s busy schedule.

24/7 Flexible Timing

We provide 24 hours flexible timing according to students requirements, so that students can have Quran classes with ease.

Virtual Learning

We provide online virtual learning platform for students, so that students can attend classes from anywhere and anytime.

Female Teachers

We have qualified experienced females teachers for female students, so that female students can learn with convenience.

Dual Languages

Our male/female teachers can speak both English and Urdu fluently, so there is no communication barrier between students and teachers.

Recitation with proper Pronunciation (Nazra with Tajweed)

We not only teach kids how to read the Quran, but we also teach them the right way. In our Nazra course, we also teach kids the proper pronunciation (Tajweed) and Emission (Makharij) of Holy Quran. In our Nazra course we have a-lot more to offer, details are as follows:

  • Noorani Qaida
  • Complete Quran recitation (Nazra)
  • Pronunciation (Tajweed) and Emission (Makharij)
  • Last 10 Surahs Memorization (Hifz)
  • Masnoon Duas Memorization (Hifz)
  • Complete Namaz Memorization (Hifz)
  • 6 Kalimas Memorization (Hifz)
  • Basics of Islam Memorization (Iman-e-Mufassal and Iman-e-Mujmal)
  • Single Surah Memorization (eg. Surah Muzammil, Surah Mulk, Surah Yaseen)

Our Short Courses

Our short courses are completely customizable according to student’s requirements. You can select any service from all the services we provide in our long course, or you can make combinations of any of these services. 

Choose the perfect plan

We are offering the best value added services. We have flexible fee structures according to needs of the students. Our most likeable packages are given below.


Per month

  • Weekends Classes
  • 30 Minutes Class
  • Dedicated Teacher
  • Monthly Test


Per month

  • 3 classes per week
  • 30 Minutes Class​
  • Dedicated Teacher​
  • Monthly Test​


Per month

  • 5 classes per week
  • 30 Minutes Class​
  • Dedicated Teacher​
  • Monthly Test​

Reviews from Parents

My experience with Quran Qaris is wonderful. The assigned teacher Hafiz Ismail is very good. I like the way he explains each word. He is never late for my class. Will recommend Quran Qaris for other students who are looking for good teachers.
Zafar chowdry
We moved from Dallas to Charlotte. My son completed his hifz and we were looking for a Quran tutor who can CONNECT with my son, keep the process moving and at the same time keep interest of my son. Hafiz Saad from Quran Qaris is a young Hafiz who understands the chemistry of a teenager and provides valuable tips to my son to keep his interest in strengthening his memorization. Today my son is one of the Hafizs who leads Taraweeh at a local Masjid. I am very satisfied by the services provided by this institute.
Muhammad Masroor
"Quran Qaris" is a very good Quran academy and my kids are part of this academy since 3 years. They give good training and satisfactory services.
Atiq Ahmed

Need Help?

Here are the most frequently asked questions by the people:

There isn’t any set schedule from our side, it totally depends on the student’s availability. We’ll make sure a dedicated tutor (Qari) is available according to student’s schedule.

We provide three classes in a week for each student. But classes count can be changed according to student’s will.

We provide thirty (30) minutes dedicated session to each student for each class.

Parent’s presence is not mandatory, if the kid knows how to initiate the session. Once the kid is connected with the assigned Qari, he’ll take care of the whole process.

No, the fee is charged on a monthly basis.

On average it takes 9 to 15 months depending on the classes count per week and student’s capabilities.

Yes, any short course or a combination of short courses can be taken separately without taking the long course.

Let's talk

Choosing the best is what everyone is looking for. When it comes to education a person should be more careful; as what a person learns, determines who that person is. We encourage everyone to start with our 3 days free trail period to judge us. First have the free experience without paying anything to us.