3 Effective tips to learn Holy Quran recitation

Holy Quran is the book of Allah. It’s a book that contains the commandments and messages from Allah. It’s not just a book, it’s a way of life. The best way to live as a Muslim in Islam can be learned through the Holy Quran. So learning the Holy Quran is essential for each and every Muslim and even non-muslims can also benefit them by following the teaching of the Quran. The first step for learning the Holy Quran is recitation, a person should be able to recite the Quran with proper pronunciation. It’s not so hard, here are the 6 most effective techniques suggested by experts.


To learn anything new you must have someone expert to teach you. But you must be careful while choosing a teacher. You must make sure the person is well qualified for the job in terms of education and experience. You must also see his way of teaching, to achieve this always go for a trial before hiring someone on a full-time basis.


To learn Holy Quran you must assign a dedicated time to it. A little time on a daily basis or maybe 2,3 times on a weekly basis, but it should be part of the routine. Learning Holy Quran on a regular basis will lead you towards your goal and eventually, you will be able to recite the Holy Quran on your own.


The practice is always essential to master anything. Same in learning Holy Quran practice is the key. You must not only rely on the instructor, but you must also put some effort on your own as well. After receiving the class from the Qari/instructor you must practice it yourself. Dedicate some time for Quran recitation on a daily basis, the best time can be 10,15 minutes after any Namaz. If you keep on reciting and keep practicing the Holy Quran, you won’t take long to be able to recite the Holy Quran own your own fluently.


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