Why Tajweed is important in Quran recitation

Learning Holy Quran is important for each and every Muslim, but learning with absolute principles is essential. Pronunciation (Tajweed) is the set of fundamental principles of reciting the Quran. Each and every Muslim must know, how to recite the Holy Quran with proper pronunciation (Tajweed) and emission (Makharij). Without Pronunciation (Tajweed) the Quran recitation is not complete and sometimes it can lead you to the state of sin without even knowing. Arabic is a language in which different words having entirely different meanings can sound similar. One wrong word can change the whole meaning of a sentence. Holy Quran is book of Allah; each and every verse is only from Allah. There is no room for mistakes in Quran recitation, absolute rules of pronunciation (Tajweed) are mandatory. Every Muslim must learn these rules to recite Holy Quran the way it must be.


The best time to learn Holy Quran with pronunciation (Tajweed) is the young age, because kids are more efficient in learning as compared to Adults. When a kid has started his education with the Holy Book of Allah, it will engrave in his heart and will help him to be a better Muslim in his life. It’s a parent’s duty to ensure the education of their kids. In the young age of kids, parents can mold them to the better path. The older the kids get, the more they’ll start taking control of their lives in the way they have brought up. Parents should be careful at early stages of life of kids, because they’ll always be responsible and answerable for their children’s behaviour.


If a Muslim brother or sister unfortunately didn’t learn the Holy Quran or Pronunciation (Tajweed) in childhood, it’s never too late. It can be achieved in adulthood, even in old age. A person can start anytime and can gain what he missed in his early age. A person can always turn to a better path at any stage of his age and there is no better path than Holy Quran for life.


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