Refund Policy

For enrolment in any of our courses you must accept the terms of the services and our refund policies given below. We suggest you to please read all of these carefully and contact us in case of any confusion, because once you have been enrolled these terms automatically apply on you:

  • We offer a full refund in case a student wants to withdraw before taking any classes.
  • We won’t entertain any refund if the classes have been started, even if the student has taken only one single class of any one of our monthly packages.
  • Fee is always charged on the time of enrolment before the start of classes for the first month. 
  • During the course fee is charged on a monthly basis, in case of missed submission of fee of any month student won’t be entertained and we won’t be held responsible for missing classes.
  • In case we fail to provide the classes to the student for any reason from our side, we are liable to refund the amount of  the missing classes.
  • In case if student wants to freeze his course for any reason at any specific point, the balance amount in not refundable can only be transferred to the next month.